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Nursery – Willow Class

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School Uniform

For a list of our school uniform please see under the ‘office’ tab. Our uniform supplier is Michael Hope tel: 01225 464648. The office holds a stock of ties and swimming hats.

Curriculum Initiatives

October 2013

National Curriculum

From September 2014, the school will be using the new National Curriculum for planning. Staff have reviewed topics to ensure that content and progression of skills are inline with this document. Parents may notice some differences with the content of work but our approach remains the same.
The teaching of core subjects: maths, literacy and science include revised,challenging content. Within this page, we aim to share with you specific web links or documentation that will help you support your child’s learning at home.

The school uses a variety of published schemes within levelled book bands. Children take reading books home from Reception. Reading Stars and the 30 Book awards encourage children to enjoy and make progress with their reading
Please continue to refer to the class pages for information about topics and particular resources.

For general information about the new National Curriculum, please go to:
National Curriculum

Website to support parents

Oxfordshire Music Service


From September 2015, the school will be using new materials for assessing children’s progress and attainment. Due to the government decision to abolish National Curriculum levels, all schools are establishing new systems.

Benson staff have been working with other local schools, to ensure a rigorous and comprehensive system is put in place. More information will be shared with all parents prior to parent’s evenings and class teachers will provide detailed information at those sessions. The information will enable parents to support next steps in learning.