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Nursery – Willow Class

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School Uniform

For a list of our school uniform please see under the ‘office’ tab. Our uniform supplier is Michael Hope tel: 01225 464648. The office holds a stock of ties and swimming hats.

Supporting learning at home

Please find below links to Next Steps in Learning for Reading, Writing and Maths. We hope that you find these useful, when supporting your child at home.

The suggested reading Lists for each Year Group can be found on the individual Class Pages.

APP Guided Reading Levels 1-2
APP Guided Reading Levels 2-3
APP Guided Reading Levels 3-4
APP Guided Reading Levels 4-5
APP Writing Levels 1-2
APP Writing Levels 2-3
APP Writing Levels 4-5
APP Writing Levels 5-6
Maths Levels Tracker

Curiosity Kits

Love Anthony – Living with Autistic Spectrum