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Nursery – Willow Class

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School Uniform

For a list of our school uniform please see under the ‘office’ tab. Our uniform supplier is Michael Hope tel: 01225 464648. The office holds a stock of ties and swimming hats.

Our School Values

School Values

Our School Council worked with children and governors, to review our school values. Parents were invited to give their views before the final six were chosen.

The School Council felt that the following values underpinned the Christian ethos of the school.

They are:

Term 1 Understanding

Term 2 Peace

Term 3 Forgiveness

Term 4 Love

Term 5 Kindness

Term 6 Wisdom

All children explore the values through Bible stories in addition to stories from a variety of cultures, as part of collective worship. British values are also explored through the curriculum.

The competition to design a symbol was won by Eve. Her design shows that the world will be a good place if people live valuing each other, whatever their belief.