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Our Sporting Philosophy

The fundamental goal of our Sport curriculum is broad participation and encouraging a long term affection for physical activity while having great fun. This links to the wider school aim to develop our pupils as rounded individuals who enjoy and succeed in a range of sporting, artistic, social and academic endeavours.

Sport premium Expenditure and Impact

From early years upwards sport (or Physical Education – PE) is embedded in the school day with a number of sessions each week for every class. These sessions vary with the seasons through the school year and include a variety of traditional and newer games and sports. They are led by both class teachers, our expert Sports TA and/or by specialist external coaches.

Recent example sports:
Chance to Shine Cricket
Race For Life 5k for the whole school
Inter-house Netball

Sporting Events

We also take advantage of many external events to promote physical activity and sport such as Sport Relief, National School Sports Week, Commonwealth Games and Oxford Half Marathon.

After School Clubs

We are proud to provide a fantastic array of After School Clubs to complement our PE curriculum. These give the children the chance to have even more sporting fun with their friends including those from other year groups. As well as development in the chosen sport this encourages good social skills and stretches their boundaries of experience. A bonus for parents can be top class after school care.

Representing Our School

Benson CoE Primary has an enviable local reputation for sporting participation and success. We do our best to enter (and sometimes host) all available local inter-school competitions at Key Stages 1 and 2. We typically seek to enter multiple teams to promote broad engagement and to avoid having the most able children dominate.

We also tailor sporting events to the interests of current children and ensure that every child understands that they have the chance to choose to represent our school. In 2013/14 90% of children in KS1 and KS2 represented the school in at least one inter-school event.

Every Child Can

We firmly believe that every child can find a way to enjoy physical exercise and fall in love with the fun of sporting challenge. Be they girl or boy, future Olympian or just finding their way with a new skill set we seek to offer them a path to success and fulfilment.

If your child has particular sporting interests, aspirations or talents, particularly away from school, please let our Sports Club TA, Mrs Hadfield, know. She’d love to know all about it.

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