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10th January to 15th January

Whose Habitat is That?


This term we are looking at the book 'Whose Habitat is That?' by Lucile Picketty.


The next few pages will include the activities we will be doing in guided reading over the week beginning 10th January 2022. Each activity should take around 20-30 minutes long the task can be left if it is not completed within this time frame. All the  task should be able to be completed independently once the instructions have been read to your child.


You can find a printable PDF version of this page at the bottom of this page.


Task 1


Make sure you have read each page of the book. Have a look at the different animals and check you got the correct answer by looking at the illustration.



Task 2


WALT. To retrieve.


Use the description of this animal to draw the animal you think it is.


I am a large mammal with striped coat, 4 long legs, and hooves. I am closely related to a horse but have a shorter mane. My mane is black and spikey. I live in large herds in Africa. I am in danger of becoming extinct. What am I?



Task 3


WALT. To retrieve information.


Look at each page of the book. Can you find the words the author uses to describe what each animal looks like? Pick three words the author uses to describe each animal and write these in your book next to a drawing of the animal. Make sure you copy the spellings correctly and enjoy drawing your animals!



Task 4


WALT. Infer.


Can you answer these questions about the book based on the page of the monkey? Use the book to help you find the answer.


1.Where in the world does the monkey live?


2.What type of blood does the monkey have?


4.List three foods the monkey can eat.


5.Who does the monkey live with?



Task 5


WALT. Using expression


Practice reading one of the pages out loud using expression. Make sure you take a small pause at the end of each sentence. You could read a page to a member of your family like a sibling.



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