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Create a number line from 0-20. Make this as colourful, crazy and unique as you want. This will help them with the counting on work we will be doing this week.

Extra challenge: Create a separate number line that goes higher or  an 100 square

Literacy: This week we will be finding out about seeds and learning about the life cycle of a flower. 


Your task today is to listen to and discuss the story 'The Tiny Seed' by Eric Carle.


Discussion Points:

- What is a seed?

- How are seeds similar or different?

- Talk about the different seasons. What is happening to the seed in each season?

- Talk about where people plant seeds.

- How do you care for seeds/plants?

- Do you have a favourite plant? You could go out and identify some different plants in your garden.

- Try to identify what stopped the seeds from growing (too hot, too cold, too wet etc...)


Did you plant your sunflower seed? If you did, check on its progress and talk about how your seed has changed.

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