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Using your number line count up to the number you have written to. Have a go at counting backwards too. Start at random numbers and count on or back from these chosen numbers.

Extra challenge: Use the extended numberline or 100 square you made

Literacy: Today you are going to investigate seeds we can eat! You can either cut up some different fruits that contain seeds and explore these or if you have any edible seeds at home (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, quinoa, flax, wild rice...) you could use these. Talk about the seeds:


- What does it look like?

- What does it smell like?

- What does it taste like?

- How does it feel?


Challenge - Record your observations either in your Home Learning Book or using the chart (see below).

Check out the ebook 'Plants for Dinner' available to read on the Oxford Owl website.

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