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Today we will be adding 2 digit numbers. Use the link below to watch the video, Week 4, lesson 3 and complete the sheet below.


WALT: Retell a fairy tale

Over the next two days we are going to be having a go at retelling Goldie Locks and the 3 Bears. Use the success criteria below to write it, go back to the text and PowerPoint from the last few days to help you. I have also included the beginning of my own version below to help you.


NOTE: This is a longer piece of work, so it will be for today AND tomorrow. Don't worry if you do not finish today.



Full sentences 

And, but, so 



If, when, because 




Commas in a list 


My version

Once upon a live there lived a lovely little girl called Goldilocks who was full of joy and happiness. One day because it was so sunny outside, Goldilocks decided to go for a walk. After a while she came across an enormous house in the middle of the woods. She decided to go inside. Inside she found 3 chairs. She sat on the first one and said “How hard this chair is!” Then she sat on the second chair “How soft this chair is!” Finally she sat on the third chair “This chair is just right!” she exclaimed. However, the chair broke when she sat on it!


Arithmetic 1
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