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Wednesday- Write down an addition number sentence (2+1=) and get your child to read it. Say that they can use the nice number line they have made. Since we are adding then we will be getting more. Do you think that means the answer will be a bigger number or a smaller number than the ones in the number sentence? We must count forward if we are adding. Show them that they always need to start with the first number (because this represents the first group we are adding). Once they have put their finger on the first number then they need to look at the second number. Say that we need to make that many jumps along the number line to get to the answer. We start counting after the first jump. Jump along the number line and then write down the answer. Repeat this with different number sentences.
Note: Create a frog, kangaroo, mini me or whatever you’d like to help you jump along the number line.

Extra Challenge: Use the extended number line or 100 square

Literacy - Think about the story 'The Tiny Seed'. Listen to the story again if you need to.


Retell what happens to the tiny seed through movement (see attached activity).


Challenge: Can you create a picture or collage showing the different seasons? 

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