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In our story, Handa's Surprise (You can watch it again at ) lots of cheeky animals steal fruit from Handa's basket. Can you remember which animals were in the story? 


Today we are going to find out some more about the African Animals. You can choose your favourite animal and then use books or the internet to find out about the animal. If you want, you can then draw your animal and tell someone all the special facts you know about it, e.g. what it eats, if it has a special body part such as a trunk or a long neck. 


These are some links to videos to find out about different animals but there are lots more available. 












If you already know lots about African animals you can try and guess which animal is being described in each clue below. You will have to listen carefully and think about which animal it might be. (There are lots of pages on the power point with some more famailiar animals, so please feel free to select the animals you think your child might know)

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