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Recap how to count forward, from Wednesday. Do a couple of addition number sentences, using the number line. We will be subtracting today. When we subtract is the answer bigger or smaller than the first number? Since it gets smaller we count backwards to subtract. Tell your child we will be counting backwards to work out subtraction number sentences. Write a subtraction number sentence (2-1=). Tell your child to start with the first number in the number sentence. Find that on the number line. The second number is how many jumps we have to jump back. Use your finger/counter to move back and write down the answer. Repeat this with a few subtraction number sentences.
Note: if your child didn’t understand how to count on to add then stick with just counting on for now.

Extra challenge: Use extended number line or 100 square

Literacy: Listen to the parts of a flower song. Learn the actions and join in!


Today your task is to label the parts of a flower. You can do this in a way of your choice. See the attached document below for some ideas.

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