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Using your number line, work out some addition and subtraction number sentences. See if your child can write some for you to work out.

If your child is struggling a little with counting on and back then try this practical method: Get a group of 3 toys/objects and count them with your child. Ask your child to find this number on their number line and also write it down on a piece of paper. Cover the objects with a blanket and tell your child that your are going to add 2 more. Get your child to write what you are doing (+2), they may need some help. Add them under the blanket, counting as you put them in. Get your child to move along them number line as you put them in. Ask your child what they think the answer is. Check and then write the rest of the number sentence (=5) the number sentence should then read 3+2=5. Repeat this a couple of times with adding number sentences. Move onto subtracting, do the same but after you count you take out 2 objects. Your child counts back as you remove the objects. 

Extra challenge: Use the extended number line or 100 square

Literacy: Today your task is to learn and recite the poem 'Little Brown Seeds' (attached below). You can do the suggested actions or invent your own.


Challenge: Complete the cut and stick activity or draw your own pictures to show the life cycle of a flower. Can you write a caption or sentence for each picture?

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