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Yesterday we read the story, 'The Night Pirates'. In the story there are lots of describing words. Describing words, or adjectives, are special words that tell you what something looks like, or feels like, or even what someone is like.

I have written some sentences to describe three different pirates. Read these sentences and see if you can find the right pirate. 


I have a big, black beard.

I have a black eye patch and a red coat.

I am happy. 


I have long, curly black hair.

I am wearing a purple jacket.

I am brave. 


I have a fluffy, white feather on my hat.

I have a shiny, silver hook. 

I have pointy, black shoes. 


Was it easy? Which words helped you work out which pirate I was describing? That's right. The describing words, or adjectives. Have a look at the sentences again and point to all the words that tell you what something looks like or what someone is like. 


Challenge: What words can you think of to describe yourself? Do you have long, short, curly or spiky hair? Are you tall or short? What colour are your eyes? Are you kind, or brave or happy? Can you write some sentences to describe yourself?



Maths: go to Week 8, Day 2.


Today's challenge is counting.


To make this more practical you could draw a face outline and then put some pennies/smarties/skittles on the face as pretend chicken pox. Ask your child if they can count how many spots she/he has. Why not try rolling a dice and putting that many spots on their face. 


You could extend this by either rolling the dice again and adding that many spots, then work out how many there are, or by having two face outlines and adding how many spots there are altogether? 



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