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Monday- How far can you throw? Collect a range of objects you will be able to throw, ranging in weight. Go outside and tell your child that they will be throwing the objects as far as they can. Before you start throwing get your child to hold each object. They will need to estimate which one they think will be thrown the furthest. Make a list of 3 objects top being the one your child thinks they can throw the furthest and bottom the object your child thinks will be thrown the shortest distance. Make sure your child tells you why they have predicted what they have. Throw the objects and see if your child’s estimations are correct. Make sure they are using the words “long, longer, further, short, shorter, nearest,” for weight “heavy, heavier, light, lighter”.
Extra challenge: Use correct units of measurements. Maybe for something light or really heavy (that doesn’t travel too far) you can measure how far it travelled with a ruler, saying “meters or centimeters”. This introduces your child to that language (they don’t have to know it).

Literacy: This week we will be talking all about food and where it comes from. Read and discuss 'Grass for Tea' (attached).


Discussion points:

- Talk about the different animals and what they like to eat.

- Talk about the different plants other animals eat e.g. hen=corn, cow=grass, duck=pondweed.

- What do you like to eat best?

- Discuss the final question: Do you like to eat plants?

- Can you find any plants that you can eat in your garden?


Challenge: Make a list of animals and what they eat.


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