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How many can be moved in 15 seconds? Using tweezers or fingers, pick up grains of rice and move them from one bowl to another. Get your child to estimate how many grains they will be able to move. Write them down and start them off. Once they have finished, ask them if their estimation was correct. They should check by counting the amount they moved over. Repeat this and ask them to estimate. Do they think they’ll move more or less than before? Hopefully, estimation should be around the same number. If they are losing concentration, then bribe them with a prize if they beat their previous time.
Extra challenge: 30 seconds

Literacy: Listen to Oliver's Fruit Salad by Vivian French:


Discussion Points:

- Why did Oliver think that Grandpa's fruit is better?

- Have you ever picked and eaten fruit?

- What types of fruit have you seen growing in your garden or in the countryside? This could lead to a discussion about why fresh fruit is seasonal.

- Oliver didn't want to eat the fruit at the start of the story. What changed his mind?


Challenge: Make a list or draw pictures of different fruits. Can you describe them? (red cherry, juicy orange etc...)


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