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Today we will be recapping the 2 timestable. Follow the link below, select lesson three then complete the worksheet and check your work using the answer sheet.


Today we are going to be continuing to plan our own fairy tale. Today we will be using the 'box it' plan, linked below. In the right hand column, is a rough outline of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. In the blank left hand column you are going to write your own version. You can be as creative as you like and change as much as you like. You might decide to change the Bears to other animals. You might want to write it as Goldie Locks as the baddie like she was in 'Revolting Rhymes'. Or you might want to ditch Goldie Locks altogether and create a completely different character! It is up to you!


You can use the box it plan below, or you can story map it, where you draw a parts of the story one section at a time. You could also add sentences in if you would like. The way you plan is up to you!


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