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How high can you jump? With a sticky note, some paint, chalk, water on a brush, paper against the wall and a pen, see how high your child can jump. Do the first jump normally and make sure this is recorded. Then get your child to estimate their next jump. Will they be able to jump higher or lower than their previous jump? Make sure language like “tall, taller, high, higher, short, shorter, low, lower”. Make this more fun, tie to/make your child hold different objects and see if this changes how high they jump. Move onto a bouncier surface (like carpet or grass). Make sure your child can give a reason for their estimations.
Extra challenge: Use a ruler to measure the difference between the jumps. Use the word “centimeters” when measuring. This introduces your child to that language (they don’t have to know it).

Literacy: Over the next few days, your challenge is to make your own food using fruits. There is a choice of simple recipes attached or if you prefer, you can use a recipe you have at home. Today, you should spend some time planning what you will make.


1. Choose a recipe and read through it with your grown up.

2. Write a list of all the ingredients you will need.

3. Ask a grown up to help you to get any ingredients you will need ready to make your recipe tomorrow!


* Recipes can be adapted to include ingredients you have available.


Challenge: Choose a fruit to cut open and draw what you can see on the inside. Can you add labels to your drawing e.g. skin, flesh, seeds?

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