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Adding and Subtracting

Start by using toys or objects to help you. Start by giving your child a group of objects and asking them to add to the group and takeaway, giving you the total when finished. Then write down a number sentence (2+2=) and ask them to work it out using the toys, fill in the answer together. This needs to be done for adding and taking away. Do this as many times as you would like! I would recommend that you do write down a couple of adding and subtracting sentences, just to make sure your child does have sound knowledge.

Extra challenge: See if your child can write and work out their own number sentences

Please email your class teacher if your child struggles with this work. This will help us think of more targeted learning for those who need to recap any of these topics. Please don't worry about it if your child does struggle, that's part of learning and we are here to help :) 

Literacy: Revisit The Very Hungry Caterpillar story. Notice how the author has included the days of the week. With the help of your grown up, read the days of the week and have a go at sequencing them. You can use the attached song to help you.


Challenge: Can you match the food eaten by the caterpillar to the correct day? Can you use your phonics skills to write a label for each of the foods?

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