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Which one holds more? Get a range of bottles, cartons, containers, cups, mugs, glasses, a large bottle, or container filled with water/coloured water and a basin. Start by asking what capacity is. It’s how much something can hold inside it. Start estimating by comparing 2 containers. “Estimate which one you think will have the largest capacity” “which one can hold more water?”. Once you have chosen you can either fill them both up with water, pour one into a larger, clear container, mark it off with a pen, tip the water out and fill the same large container with the other container and mark that off. See if there is any difference. “Was your estimation correct?” “Why do you think that?”. Can your child explain their reasoning? Another way would be to be fil up one container and then pour it into the other. Does it overflow the container? Does it go to the top?
Side note: at the end of this activity it always amuses the children when the water overflows something. Maybe ask your child what will happen if you pour a large container of water into a small one.
Extra challenge: Compare and order the capacity of 3 or more containers

Literacy: Follow the recipe you chose yesterday (with a little help from your grown up). Talk about why it is important to follow instructions in the right order. If you can, take photos of each stage as these will help you with tomorrow's task.


Enjoy making (and eating!).


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