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Tall, short, long, short, full, empty, more, less, heavy, light

Throughout the day ask your child to compare heights, lengths, weights and capacity (how much something can hold inside it). Make sure they are using the correct language when they are comparing, the words in bold. Get your child to order things in size order. Heights of toys, lengths of string, weights of food, capacity of water bottles. 

Please email your class teacher if your child struggles with this work. This will help us think of more targeted learning for those who need to recap any of these topics. Please don't worry about it if your child does struggle, that's part of learning and we are here to help :) 

Literacy: Watch this video clip about life cycles:


At the end of the clip there are some games you can play. Have a go at playing the butterfly game and see if you can put the life cycle pictures in the right order.


Discuss the stages of the life cycle. 


Challenge: Create your own life cycle of the butterfly diagram or cut out and sequence the attached Hungry Caterpillar pictures. You could use the caterpillar poem (attached below) to help you.

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