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How many sweets/pasta pieces/marbles can you grab? You can play this as “what you grab, you can eat”. They then grab from the pile and lay them out in front of them. Before your child counts the amount, they picked up, ask them to estimate how many they have grabbed. Hopefully, it’ll be a relatively easy number to sight estimate. If they estimate correctly or to one more or one less of it then they can get the amount they picked up.
Extra challenge: Move onto 2 hands

Literacy: Talk about the recipe you made yesterday. Use your photos to remind yourself of each stage. Talk about what you had to do at each stage. Can you write a set of instructions that tell somebody else how to make your recipe? Choose one of the following challenges:


1. Put your photos in the right order and write a simple instruction for each.

2. Write an instruction for each photo, plus write a draw a list of ingredients.

3. Write an instruction for each photo, plus a list of ingredients and a list of utensils needed.


You can stick your photos and write your instructions in your Home Learning books or use one of the templates below.

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