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Numbers 1-20, recognising and ordering

Write down numbers 1-20 randomly 1 by 1 and see if your child can recognise them. Don't write them down in order. After this, write down a number line with large gaps in it (eg. 1,2,6,7) and get you child to fill the number line in. After this, you could write down the numbers 1-20 on separate pieces of paper and get your child to put them in order or just get your child to write a number line themselves.

Please email your class teacher if your child struggles with this work. This will help us think of more targeted learning for those who need to recap any of these topics. Please don't worry about it if your child does struggle, that's part of learning and we are here to help :) 

Literacy: Look at the sequencing words (attached). We sometimes call these words 'time words'. Use the sequencing words to describe how a caterpillar changes e.g. First the caterpillar is inside a tiny white egg. Then it hatches...etc Can you add actions to each stage and recite the stages?


* Today's work is oral and recaps what they have learnt this week. This will lead towards children doing a written piece of work tomorrow.

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