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Monday- Show children coins 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p and talk through their similarities and differences. Talk about how the small coins are called pennies and that's what "p" stands for. Talk about what we use money for. How do we pay for things?

Extra challenge: see if your child can pay you with the correct coin.

Literacy: Share and discuss the story 'Tadpole's Promise' by Jeanne Willis

 *The story starts 4 minutes into the video.


Discussion points:


-Talk about the meaning of the word 'promise'.

- What promise did tadpole make?

- Talk about promises you have made. Why is it important to keep a promise?

- Talk about how it feels when promises are kept and when they are broken.

- The caterpillar eventually forgives the tadpole. Why is it important to forgive?

- Did you like the ending of the story? If not, can you think of a different ending?

- Discuss the life cycles that are told through this story.

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