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Show children 50p, £1 and £2. Remember the p stands for pennies, the £ stands for pounds. These are bigger coins, what could we pay for with these coins? Could you use smaller coins to pay for anything? What coin would be the best coin to have?

Extra challenge: talk through how 1 pound means 100 pennies. That 1 coin means you get 100 of the little coins together. 50p means 50 pennies, 20p means 20 pennies etc. 

Literacy: Revisit the story Tadpole's Promise by Jeanne Willis.

 *The story starts 4 minutes into the video.


The caterpillar describes the tadpole as a 'shiny black pearl' and the tadpole describes the caterpillar as a 'beautiful rainbow'. We call describing words 'adjectives'. Can you think of some words to describe your favourite animal? Use your phonic skills to sound out and write your describing words.


Challenge: Write a sentence (or sentences) describing your favourite animal.

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