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Pounds and pennies. Gold coins have more money, the silver and bronze coins are worth less money. Look at the different coins and arrange them in size order. See how the bronze are at the start and they move up to gold. 

Extra challenge: Do a treasure hunt. Hide the coins and find them with your child. Pretend to be a pirate, make a map, do whatever. Can your child recognise the coins or at the very least remember if they are big or small coins.

Literacy: Revisit the story Tadpole's Promise (watch it again if necessary). Can you retell the story? You can do this in a way of your choice. You could:


- Act out the story.

- Make your own puppet characters and use them to retell the story.

- Cut out and order the pictures (attached below) and use them to retell the story .

- Make your own little book about the story.


Challenge: Can you write a new ending for the story?

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