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Discuss sharing. What is sharing? How can I share something? Explain that sharing is making sure that everyone gets or every group is the same. Ask your child to share an even number of snacks between the two of you. See if they recognise that they have halved the number of snacks, halving is sharing between two.

Extra challenge: Ask your child to share an odd number between the two of you. What happens to the odd one out? (it gets put away). That's why odd numbers are called odd numbers, because they can't be share between 2, there's always one odd on left out.

Literacy: Look at the minibeast identification sheet. Have you seen any of these minibeasts in your garden or on a walk outdoors? This week we will be researching and writing some facts about minibeasts.


Today your task is to choose a minibeast you would like to find out more about. Can you think of some questions you could ask to find out more about your chosen minibeast?


Challenge: Have a go at writing some of your questions into your Home Learning book.

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