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Literacy: Yesterday you choose your animal and found out about its different body parts. Today can you research your animal to find out about its habitat (where it lives) and what it eats? While you are researching see if you can find a really amazing fact that you can add to your fact file. 


You can look through books, use the internet or read through some of the power points below to find out about your sea creature. 


A great online resource is the Usbourne webpage. You can find links to lots of information about sea creatures and our oceans.


Or watch this short video about different ocean animals


The 'All Things Animals' you tube page is also a good place to start


Have fun and record your findings by drawing or writing short sentences, using the activity sheet below. 

Maths: If you click on and go to week 6, day 4, you will find today's maths activity. You need to find out if the snail has an odd or even number of friends. Remember that an even number can be shared equally into 2 groups, with none left over. To help you, you could use counters/ pennies or lego blocks: count out the same number of animals on each page, then put them into 2 groups. If each group has the same amount, it is an even number.



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