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Wiggly Worms

If you have any spaghetti you can make some fantastic wiggly worms (If you don't have spaghetti you could do all these with strips of paper). Simply cook a few pieces of spaghetti and when it is cool give it to your child to play with. Spaghetti is great for sensory play and they will love playing with their wiggly worms. When the excitement is over you can 


*paint with your worms by dipping them in paint and using the spaghetti as a wiggly paintbrush,


*paint a bowl of worms. If you add 2 colours you can explore colour mixing, e.g. I've put in red and yellow paint, what colour will the worms be when they are all mixed together?


*cut your worms. If you have a pair of scissors your child can use, let them explore cutting the spaghetti up. This is great for fine motor skills and you can also explore comparing length. Ask them if they can cut a long and short worm, or order the worms they have made by length. 


Picture 1
Picture 2 Paint your worms
Picture 3 Cut long and short worms
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