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Have a go at sharing a group of 4, 8, 12, 16 or 20 into groups of 4. Since these are larger numbers and more groups to share into, make sure your child has the groups in a straight line (toys will be easy to help aid sharing, as child can put objects they are sharing into the toys lap) and make sure your child shares the objects into each group 1 at a time, so they don't lose count or get confused.

Extra challenge: Try sharing multiples of 5 into groups of 5, multiples of 6 into groups of 6, multiplies of 7 into groups of 7 etc. Only go out to 20 objects that need to be shared out.


Literacy: This week you have chosen a minibeast to find out about. Discuss what you have found out about your chosen minibeast. Today you are going to write some information about your chosen minibeast. Choose one of the challenges below:


  1.  Write one fact about your minibeast.
  2.  Write 3 facts about your minibeast.
  3.  Create a Fact File about your minibeast.


Remember to include a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop when writing your sentences.


You can do your written work in your Home Learning book or use one of the attached writing frames.

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