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This week we are reading the story, Handa's Surprise. If you haven't already watched the animated version you can watch it here Listen carefully to the words Handa uses to talk about the fruit (e.g. soft squishy banana)


In the story Handa is taking lots of different fruit to her friend. Can you remember which fruit she had in her basket? Have you ever tried any of the fruits?


Today have a look in your fruit bowl and pick one that looks yummy. Look closely at the fruit and talk about how it looks, feels and smells. (Encourage your child to use words like sweet, sour, hard, shiny, soft, bumpy, squishy etc, and the colours, to describe the fruit you are looking at). 

Then, with a grown up cut the fruit in half and look closely again. Does it look the same or different on the inside? Talk again about how it look, feels and smells and then of course - taste it! How does it taste?


You could repeat this for different fruits and then you could


- draw the fruits and ask a grown up to write the words you thought of to describe it.

- make a fruit salad.

- make a fruit smoothie.

- draw the ingredients you put in your fruit salad and smoothie to make a recipe. Perhaps you could send it to a friend or a family member and see if they can make it too. 

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