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Addition is the action or process of adding something to something else. The children may also call this adding. The addition symbol is often referred to as a plus sign and looks like this +


Children will be able to add some numbers up in their head but will also need to know how to work out addition with 2 two digit numbers.


Within this page you will find the following:

  • A video which explains what the column method is and how we use it.
  • A poster showing step to step how we use the column method. 
  • Subpages with 3 talked models of the column method and some practice questions
  • Practice questions.



Instructions - How to add 2 numbers using the column method.


Click on the document below which will give you step to step instructions on how to use the column method.


Video Example - How to add 2 numbers using the column method.


Click play on the video below to watch how we can use the column method and when to do each step and why. 

Long Addition

Still image for this video
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