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Around the World

Term 2 Week 5

Week beginning 30.11.20


On the Line


This week in geography, we will be learning about the Prime Meridian. We will find out where it is located, the purpose of this line and then complete a task to find out more about countries on the Prime Meridian.


Look at the PowerPoint to find out more and then complete the 'On the Line' activity sheet. To do this, you will need to research one of the countries on the Prime Meridian. You could ask an adult to help you complete your research online, look in books that you may have at home or use the resources I have uploaded below with information taken from the National Geographic Kids website.


Optional extra

Towards the end of the PowerPoint, I have added a link to an Oak National Academy Geography lesson on 'What time is it in other Countries?' If you would like to find out more about the Prime Meridian and time zones, you could watch the video they have produced and complete their online quiz.

Extra Optional Geography Activities:
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