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Beech Reception

Welcome to Beech - Reception!

Welcome to Beech Class. Here you can find information regarding topic plans and useful resources.

Mrs Thomas is the class teacher supported by Mrs Day.


Our topic this term is DINOSAURS!! We love this topic just as much as the children. We will be looking at different species of dinosaurs, what they ate, where they lived and what they did. We're preparing our ears for all of the roaring already!

Parents: You can now email me on our class email address! Send me a message if you have any questions or just want to let me know what your child has been up to. I will do my best to respond to your emails Monday-Friday between 9am and 5 pm.


Work from Home

We hope that you are all enjoying your home learning and that you managed to spend some time outdoors in the sunshine last week. This week we would like you to think about spring and Easter. There are some activity ideas provided below. 

Please continue to do daily Maths and Literacy challenges with your children (challenges below this section).



Phonics should also be carried out everyday. There is a phonics section below to help you carry out phonics.

You should: Go over the Phase 3 letters, sounds and tricky words. Have a think about different words with these sounds in and sentences that have the tricky words you cover (only do 1 or 2 a day).

You could: Write up the words and sentences that you think of and get your child to read sentences you write (that involve sounds and tricky words).


Other things you can do

Understanding of the World:

- Try different experiments. These can be very easy: floating and sinking, growing plants/flowers, marble runs, moving objects along different surfaces, will it dissolve?

- Have a look around your garden and surrounding areas. What can they see? Can they describe the flowers? The animals? The scenery? How is where we live different to another place/country? Compare different flowers, habitats, animals.

- Take some time to talk about different families and cultures. If you watch a film with your child then talk about the different people in the film. Do they live in a country like us? Does their family look like ours? Think about different jobs people may have and what they have to do for those jobs.

- Have a go at allowing your child to access technology. Play with the TV remote, play a game on the computer/tablet, use a camera.

Expressive Art and Design:

- Have a go at junk modelling! Use the rubbish you would throw away to create a model of something. This could be a dinosaur, village, solar system, animal, building, literally anything. It's a fun way to talk about recycling too!

- Paint, colour and draw!! We all love being creative and giving your child creative freedom will allow them to express themselves through their art.

- Have a go at making noises/sounds with a range of different things. Hitting a spoon on a pan, knocking a stick on a bench, make a rice shaker (toilet tube, rice and paper over both sides).

Communication and Language:

- Ask your children how and why questions. Why was Biff sad? Why is it getting warmer? How did you do that? How is that going to work? 

- Try and do a home "show and tell". Get your child to show off something of theirs that they are proud of. This could be a bit of work they have completed or a toy. This will improve confidence and give them a chance to tell you about something that interests them.

Physical Development:

- Have a walk around your local area, take in the sights, show your child the different landmarks. National Trust are opening some of their forests too.

- We love playing dodgeball, some parents have played "sock ball" with their kids. Sock ball is like dodgeball but the children try to dodge rolled up socks.

- Try learning a simple dance routine with your child, move like a dinosaur, "disco dance", roll around on the floor and do jumps.

- Have a go at practicing lead in letters

- Play with playdough, to improve your child's hand strength



Easter/Spring Activities

Termly Overviews

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