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Bug Hunt

Have fun exploring and go on a bug hunt. It's always good to look under rocks and in dark damp places for bugs such as woodlouse, as well searching near all the beautiful blossom and flowers we can now see - they are a favourite of butterflies, lady birds and bees :). If you spot a bug you could ask your child-


What colour is it?

How does it move? 

What is it doing? 

How many legs does it have?


You could also talk about why they found the bug in that spot. e.g. bees near the flower because they are collecting pollen, or worms in the soil or under rocks because they like cool places. 


When you have finished the bug hunt you could

-count up the marks to find out how many insects you found. Can you show that many fingers or find the number (you could lay put flashcards or simply write out the numbers 1-10 and then help your child to count along, pointing to each number until you get to the right number)


-If you were lucky enough to find more than one of some of the insects, count how many of each. Can you find and write the number for each insect. (If your child is struggling with number formation, write the number and see if they can trace over it). Then talk about which insect you found more or less of. 


-draw and colour your favourite insect that you found. 

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