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Cast List


First, all of you gave a brilliant audition- I'm proud of you for practising the lines so much and for using a loud, clear voice and intonation. 

Not all of you are being offered the role you auditioned for. If multiple people auditioned for a larger role, you may be asked to share the role with someone else. There are lots of characters that no one auditioned for so you may be offered a role you didn't ask for. I've only offered people roles with lots of lines if they auditioned for a role with a lot of lines. I have not offered you a role with lines unless I know you can do it and will be fab in that role. 
I would like you to practise for the role you've been offered over half term.
We can discuss roles next term as a class if you are feeling unsure but remember, the play is about us as a whole class and to make it a brilliant performance, you may have to put yourself out there and take on a role you didn't ask for. I know the play and I know what will work well. 
I'm very excited for us to start practising- you're going to make a brilliant Pirates of the Curry Bean cast!

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