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Chestnut Year 2

Welcome to Chestnut Class (Year 2) 

Below you will find details about home work, term information and useful links to support your child's learning at home. 


Reading comprehension questions for parents when reading with your children

Number Bonds to 100- How we teach it in school


Reading Parents Prompt Questions 

During Guided Reading and when reading with the children I noticed the children need more work on their comprehensive skills, fluency is important but understanding what the text is talking about is important as well.  Attached above are some questions you might want to use whilst reading with your child to help them with their reading. Hopefully this will help the children. 




Numbers in Words support

Please could you help us in school by practicing writing numbers in words with the children, we are learning in school as well.  

If we could start with 0-9 and then the numbers in 10s. 


I will attach a sheet to help you and the children.


Thank you



Parent Information Presentation.

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