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Daily Challenge


Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a good day and had fun using shapes to create pictures. Today is the 1st of April, a new month, its also a special day called 'April Fools Day', so watch out for someone trying to play a trick on you!  I cant play a trick so I have a riddle for you.. I am pointy with three corners. Sometimes I look like a roof but I can also be like an ice-cream cone. I have three straight sides.Can you guess what shape I am? Did you use this shape in your pictures yesterday?


Today your challenge is..


Egg Counting


First, can you count up to 10 or 20, clapping for each number you say? 


Then, click on the link and see if you can help Teddy count out the right number of Easter eggs. There are different levels so choose the one that's right for you. If that level is easy, try the next one. Remember to say one number for each egg you move.





Creating A Farm in the style of Paul Klee 

(see the klee art ideas document attached above)


You will need some building blocks and paint for this activity. Choose some of your favourite colours. Squirt them onto plates or something similar. Choose a shape and press it into the paint, then onto the page. Keep repeating with different shapes to make the picture. 

What shapes could you use for the barn, the trees, the sun, the farm house? Can you make an animal?


*Please don't worry if your child is more interested in purely experimenting with printing and exploring the colour and shapes. This is all part of learning. Try making your own and showing them how you made it - it might inspire them! We also return to an activity a few times in the nursery -  you might find that after a few practice attempts, they are more willing to talk about what they want to create and think about the shapes they would need to use. 


If you don't have paint or blocks at home, don't worry. Here are some alternative ideas..


Cut out different shapes from coloured paper, or cut out shapes from white paper and ask your child to colour them in. Then have fun sticking to make shape pictures. 


Draw the shapes...if your child finds this tricky, make it a project to do together, talking about what they want to make and asking them to colour in the shapes you draw. 


Or make a picture using the shapes on the computer. Click on the link to explore the online games


I hope you have fun and please email a picture of any creations you make :)



30/03/20    -   

  To Get Talking


Look at the paintings by Paul Klee and talk about what you can see in the painting.


What has he painted? (a sun, a boat, a house...) Why do you think it is a sun, a boat...?

What colours can you see?

What shapes can you see?

Do you like the painting? Why, Why not? 

Which painting do you like more? 

Who do you think would live in the painting? (a tiger, a princess, a pirate, a farmer...)


If you have building blocks or lego at home can you make your own picture using different shapes?


We looked at a different painting by Klee last term and the children really enjoyed it. They had some fantastic ideas and saw lots of different things in them, such as princess towers, tunnels, castles and cauldrons. They are a great way to start talking about shapes and colours, as well as introducing them to some fantastic art. Encourage your child to talk in sentences and to use words like 'because' when they are explaining their ideas to you. 








Mixing Colours

We started to look at what happens when we mix colours in school, so before you do any experiments can you predict what will happen if you mix

red and blue = ?

red and yellow = ?

Yellow and blue = ?

red and blue and yellow = ?

Red and white = ?


You can mix these colours using paint, or if you have any food colouring put a few drops of each colour into cups of water and have fun mixing up different coloured potions.


If you don't have anything about to mix, talk to your child about what they think might happen, perhaps even record your predictions, using colouring pens/pencils/crayons to make dots for each colour problem and the colour you think they will make. Then watch this video to see if you were right.


Have fun mixing!!


All About Horses


Before school closed we had been learning about different farm animals. Today you could watch this video and talk about what you find out.


Also talk to your grown ups about when you have seen a horse...perhaps you saw one in a field, or a policeman riding horse or maybe you have even been lucky enough to ride a horse. Can you answer these questions..


How many legs does a horse have?

What do horses like to eat?

Where do horses live? 

What jobs do horses do? 


Then can you 

draw a horse? move like a horse? make a stable for a horse to live in?


Have a fun day :)






How many different ways can you write your name?

You could try-


rainbow names (write in lots of different colours)


water on a wall or pavement outside

using play dough to make the letters

using natural resources to make the letters (flowers, twigs, grass, leaves)


You could take a picture of your favourite way and email them to me, via the office, so I can put a collection of our names on the class page. 




Today the weather looks like it will be glorious. If you are able to go for a walk (keeping the social distancing guidelines in mind) can you find any signs of spring?


*bees waking up from their winter sleep


*spring flowers

*budding leaves


Encourage your child to talk about and describe the things they can see. Perhaps they could take a photo or draw them...


The first minute of this video has some lovely time lapse images and also makes a good talking point.

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