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Monday: We will be finishing writing up our recounts about what we did over the half term.


Tuesday: Today we will be looking at verbs. Look through the PowerPoint and have a go at the worksheet below.

Wednesday: Today we will be looking at Reading comprehension linked to VE Day. Read through the text and select the questions you would like to answer.
Thursday: This term we are going to be looking at Dilemmas in stories. Read through the story below. Look at the short version and plot it on the story mountain.

Friday: Today we are going to be rewriting the dilemma for the Balaclava Boys in our own words. Reread the story from yesterday and have a go at writing it in your own words. The success criteria is below to  help you:

Use coordinating conjunctions

Use complex sentences

Use commas in a list

Use direct speech

Fronted adverbials



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