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Friday 12th February

As well as being the last day of term today, it's also Chinese New Year. Today, you have some different activities which you can choose from which all link to Chinese New Year. Watch the video here first to explain more about it. 
You can also see a video here of some Chinese children leaving in the UK preparing for Chinese New Year.

If I don't speak to you today, I hope you have a brilliant half term! smiley
Friday Maths
Can you crack the Fortune cookies code using the clues? Your challenge is to create your own secret coded message like this and give it to someone else to crack!
Friday Literacy
Look back at the story of the race between the animals in the Chinese New Year video and create a comic strip to retell it. You can type up your comic strip but it will be much easier to write (and draw) in your lined exercise book.
Chinese Paper Cutting
Chinese paper cutting dates back to around 4AD (did you know that paper was invented in China?). Originally, women used to decorate their hair with gold or silver foil cuttings and it was later used to decorate doors and windows during festivals. Watch the video here and use it to help you create the symbol 囍 (meaning double happiness) using paper cutting. 
Chinese Riddles
Chinese New Year lanterns often contain riddles in them. In the past, advisors to the emperor who had suggestions they thought wouldn’t go over very well gave them in vague riddles. So, if the emperor hated the advice, they could say they meant something completely different! Can you solve the riddles on the PDF below? You might want to try and write your own riddle for someone else to solve too.
Chinese Paper Lantern
Follow the instructions below to create a Chinese paper lantern. If you can't print the template, you can always draw your own on a piece of white paper.
Chinese Banners
Chinese banners are traditionally hung vertically in pairs around doors and windows to welcome new guests. On a piece of card or paper, create your own New Year Banner using ideas below. You could paint the symbols, use black pen or pencil. If you want to make your banner look even more realistic, use red paper/card or colour/paint it red. 
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