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Friday 21st May 2021


This week we have been looking at addition, particularly adding amounts of money. For homework please play the shopping game with your child to help them practice number bonds to 100 with money. We will continue looking at addition and how it relates to subtraction next week so these skills will be very useful to them in their work.


  1. Cut out all the cards and place upside down.
  2. Turn a card over and look at how much the item costs. Work out how much money you will have left from £1 if you buy that item.
  3. Write the number sentence in your book.


You can use real coins or a number line to help you work it out.

Count in 5's

I've also attached a video below which the children have really enjoyed using in the classroom this week. They asked to be allowed to do it at home so i hope they enjoy it!

On Tuesday we learnt about digital art and we used a programme to create our own beautiful flowers and snowflakes using repeating patterns, reflection and symmetry.

The children enjoyed it so much that they asked to have the link on the class pages to show you at home.


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