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Groups of Objects

-Go on a sound hunt -  give your child a target sound. How many things can they find with that sound? If they pick an item with the wrong sound, emphasize the initial sound as you say the word.


- Our sound box/bag - Make collections of objects with names beginning with the same sound. Create a song, such as ‘What have we got in our sound box today?’ and then show the objects one at a time. Emphasise the initial sound (e.g. s-s-s-snake, s-s-s-sock, s-s-s-sausage)


- Choose two sounds. find objects that begin with those sounds and hide them in a box. Ask your child to pick out an object. Can they tell you what the first sound is? Repeat with the other objects and put into two groups. You could write the sounds on two pieces of paper and put the objects onto the matching sound, to help develop their letter recognition. 


- Name play, use your or your child's name and make up a fun sentence starting with the name (e.g. Ben has a big, bouncy ball, Tim has ten, tickly toes, Fiona found a fine, fat frog). Ask the children to think up similar sentences for their own names to share with others.


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