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What is a habitat? 

Show children a collection of pictures of different animals eg, sea creatures, polar creatures, woodland animals. Ask where they think these animals live. Why do you think they live there? Could they live in the sea/ ice? Why/ why not? Tell children that the place an animal lives is called a habitat. 


Woodland habitat

Show children a picture of the woodland. Ask children to describe what they think this sort of habitat would be like? Have they been in the woods? What did they do? What did they see? What animals would live in this habitat? Why would they choose to live there? Record ideas as a mind map. Explore the links below or BBC bitesize page to find out more.


Can you make a picture of a woodland habitat - you could paint, draw or used mixed media - perhaps even use some leaves and twigs you find in the garden!


Where do the animals live in this habitat?

Think about which parts of the wood/ forest the animals would make their homes? Discuss and find out why do e.g foxes choose to make homes underground and birds in the trees? Why is this a good habitat for that animal?


You could Read or Watch animated Percy The Park Keeper: After the storm – which part of he tree do the animals find for their home? Why is that the best for them?


You could also explore these web pages to find out more about woodland habitats

The Woodland Trust

RSBB – woodland habitats for kids webpage



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