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Home Learning

Hi everyone, it's such a shame to have to isolate and not see everyone. Due to us all having to isolate we have to move to remote learning. There are 4 maths and literacy sessions for each week, this gives us time to do some worship and PE. Take some time to get outside and play some games and reflect on feelings and ourselves. I will try to think of an RE session for the end of the week.



Remember to read as much as you can. Try to get your child to hear initial sounds in words you say, blend sounds you read, have a go at sounding out and blending themselves, reading the story and telling you what happened, or reading the story and answering questions about it. Try to read as many different things as you can: non-fiction books, fiction books, magazines, poems, posters etc. 



There are links to the different sounds being covered for the different phases. If you head to Phonics Play:

Have a go at the read and fake words games, depending on the phase your child is on. Most Reception children are on Phase 2, some children are on Phase 3/4 and some are on Phase 5. Your child may need help with hearing initial sounds in words and that is covered in Phase 1. Have a go at spelling out different words "I'm putting on my s-o-ck-s" and see if your child knows what you're spelling.

Mrs Short's group: Working on Phase 1. Hearing the initial sounds in words. Have a go at blending sounds too.

Mrs Guy's/Mrs Tetley's group: Have covered "s" and "a". Will be working on "t" sound

Mr Newman's group: have learned up to "e", would've been moving onto "u"

Mrs Day's group: Covered Phase 2, looking at spelling words, recognising sounds and blending sounds (reading)

Mrs B's group: recapping Phase 4, while still looking at Phase 3 sounds

Mrs Herbert's group: Phase 5b, alternative pronunciations for "i" "o" "g" "c" and "u"

Mrs Thomas' group: Phase 5b, alternative pronunciations for "a" "y" "ch" and "ou"

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