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Please use the video links and worksheets to practise 3 digit addition and subtraction

Video: 3 digit addition with no exchange-

Worksheet: Addition with no exchange


Video: 3 digit addition with exchanging

Worksheet: Addition with exchange


Video: 3 digit subtraction with no exchange

Worksheet: Subtraction with no exchange


Video: 3 digit subtraction with exchanging

Worksheet: Subtraction with exchange




This week, children are reading the next part of Mowgli's story. Read through the extract and can you create a story map of the events in order. 

After that could you write a recount of all that happened?

Try watching this video to understand what a recount is.

Remember to explain the 5 Ws...

  • What happened?
  • Who is it about?
  • Where did it take place?
  • When did it take place?
  • Why did it happen?


It might take a few days! Have a look at Mr Bailey's recount, it has lots of detail but it is quite hard to read. He should have used paragraphs!

Can you make sure your recount of Kaa's hunting is easy to read by using paragraphs? 


Guided Reading


Read Ch. 4

WALT: identify similar features in different texts, and begin to comment on them

1. What other stories have you read about animals?

2. Can you think of any stories like The Hodgeheg, where the life of an animal mixes together with the life of humans?

3. Do you think it’s fair that animals get overlooked by humans? Why or why not?


Read Ch. 5

WALT: show I understand the text, using evidence and my own ideas. 

1.Draw a picture to show the view through Max’s eyes at this moment: as he’s crossing the road with all the people crossing in both directions

2. Look at the way Max describes a telephone box. Imagine that you are a hedgehog. Describe what a post-box would look like.

(Remember – you don’t know that it’s called a post-box!)

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