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This week in literacy, the children are reading about Shere Khan taking over the wolf pack and Mowgli having to leave the Jungle. Bagheera tries to convince Mowgli his Jungle home isn't safe anymore and Mowgli belongs in the Man-village. 

The class are thinking about how to persuade and trying to write their own persuasive speech either to convince Mowgli it is time to leave or to convince Bagheera that Mowgli belongs in the jungle! 


Read the extract and then think about all the reasons Mowgli should leave or stay. 

Next, try and write down a speech that uses persuasive techniques like rhetorical questions, emotive language and repetition. Use the support sheets to give you ideas, plan an introduction and each point you will make. Finally record your speech being spoken - how will you say it to make it persuasive?


Ch. 6 Questions

1. Why does Pa feel guilty? 

2. Does the hedgehog from 5B really think that a cat ate his Munchimeat? Explain how you know.

3. What do you think is going through Ma’s mind when Pa says ‘Sounds like something got run over’? Are there any clues in the text?

Ch. 7 Questions

1. Find 5 interesting verbs (action words) and write them.

2. Find 3 adverbs (describe verbs and usually end with –ly) and write them. Example: slowly

3. Find 3 proper nouns and write them.

4. Write a sentence using a proper noun, verb and an adverb.



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