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Maple Class will be set homework on a Friday which will be due in on the following Friday. This term maths homework will be set weekly. The homework set is to support learning done in school. The children will complete their homework in their homework book. When worksheets are needed children will be provided with these - I will also make these available on the class page. 


The homework set should take 30 minutes to an hour. If there is a portion of homework that a child is unable to complete, despite best attempts, you can make a note of this on the homework. I do not want homework to became a source of stress for children or parents. 


Homework Project:


In addition to the weekly maths homework the class will have a homework project this term. The homework based on this terms topic 'Whose Habitat is That?'. This will be due on Monday 14th February 2022 just before the February half term. The homework project will include two parts:


Step 1. Create a small model habitat for an animal of your choice. Your habitat must be no bigger than a shoe box. You could use a small box, a jar or a tin. You can find examples below. 


Step 2. Write a paragraph or a list of bullet points about your habitat. What is special about this habitat? Where in the world can this habitat be found? Which animals live in this habitat? How have the animals adapted to living in this habitat? Is the habitat in danger? Why?





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