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Week 4 Punctuation Tuesday 26 January

Spelling-Week 3 Friday 22

Literacy-paragraph planner Thursday 21

Tuesday 19 Literacy-to be discussed during the Zoom session

Week 2 Spelling Friday 15

Wednesday 13 Literacy: Writing. We are talking about this in todays Zoom

Tuesday 12. COSMIC. First 3 chapters. We will discuss this next Monday. Do this in the back of your Literacy Book.

Tuesday 12 Literacy. Similes exercise. Please do in Literacy book in the front.

Literacy Monday 11 January. Cosmic Predictions. What do you think the book we start reading this week is about? Being able to predict is a high level skill in Literacy.

Consolidating Dashes Answers!

Week 1 Spelling words

Thursday 7 January. Using dashes to make your writing more interesting.

The Sun Comprehension-Wednesday 6th January- Please read through the comprehension sheet on the sun and complete the comprehension questions. If you get stuck with a question don't panic, try a different one and come back to it.

Tuesday 5th January- Have a look at the prefix and root words sheets There are 3 sheets. You do not need to do all 3. 1 star- for those that might find this tricky. 2 star- for those who think they are ok with prefixes and root words, 3 star is a challenge sheet. The answer sheet is attaches so you can self mark at the end to see how you did.

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