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To start the school year we will be developing the children's spoken language and encouraging them to confidently share their ideas with friends in both small groups and whole class situations. For the first few weeks we will be following an approach called 'Helicopter Stories'. The children will have the opportunity to become actors, taking to the stage to perform stories, as well as authors or playwrights, who create stories which they and their friends can act out. 


If you would like to have a go at trying Helicopter Stories at home you can follow this link for ideas


You can also support your child by reading lots of stories to them, discussing which character they like and why and asking them to think of alternative endings. Its also great to get their favourite toys out and think of what could happen to them and tell stories while playing together. Reading, talking and enjoying playing together will all help your children create a bank of ideas that they can then use when telling their own stories. 

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