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Notes to parents Term 6- 

All the videos for White Rose are still available via the White Rose website and in each weeks Icon, I will give you the worksheets with answers:


Remember this link gets you to the White Rose Page. It might even open the wrong tab. 

You will need to open the tabs specified below.

For example:

Week 4  Open Summer Term-Week 7 (W/C 8th June)

Week 5 : Open Summer Term-Week 8 (W/C 15th June)

Week 6  : Open Summer Term-Week 9 (W/C 22nd June) or Alternate Vimeo-PDFs or Week 10 (W/C 29th June) 

Week 7 :  Open Summer Term-Week 11 (W/C 6th July) 

Optional Extra Summer Term -Week 12- (W/C 13th July) 


I will also be putting some additional learning on the Maths page in the Arithmetic icon and the Problem Solving Icon for the children to work through. The Arithmetic is on a PowerPoint set out in weeks which the children can use as starters. The Problem Solving is some extra problems they may wish to look at to challenge themselves. 




Times Table Rockstars

If you have forgotten your login please email me via the class email and I can send it to you.

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