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Mrs Crolla's Page

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Hello everyone!

I thought that it was easier for you to refer to a particular page to read weekly updates from me and to see any activities which I think might keep you busy during lockdown. I will also be posting any competitions here. 


The debate concerning the reopening of schools for some year groups continues. Thank you for completing the survey sent out on Friday. Unfortunately, I am not able to respond to lots of individual queries so please look out for the detailed letter later this week. If you are not sure about your decision then please complete the survey as 'undecided'. It is important to realise that this still wouldn't be school as we all know it. There would not be the usual summer events or after school activities. Over the next  week, plans will be finalised, using advice from ODST and in consultation with neighbouring ODST schools, to ensure that all children and adults are safe once we return. This will be our priority.


Lockdown Photograph Competition

Thank you to the families who have already sent in their photos for the competition. It is great to see your lockdown activities. The winners will be announced on Friday of this week.


Submit your entries via email to me to be judged on Friday 22nd May by 12 noon.

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